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Current Status:
Closed Alpha Stage
Irradiant Core is an action shooter mobile game

combined with RTS and RPG features.

The game is designed

to offer exciting and challenging content with “no paywalls, never pay to win” philosophy and rewarding in-depth character progression.

The first release of the game

is designed to be a single player game with two different game modes to play, namely Campaign and Survival Challenge, which can be played also offline and with possibility to pause and resume at any time. In Survival Challenge, players’ performance is measured and displayed in public and/or social leaderboards, if so desired. Multiplayer is currently under consideration.

The game offers two options for controls.

Player can either use a joystick with automatic targeting or "tap-to-move" and "tap-to-target". These two control options can be also used jointly, for example, joystick for movement with tap-to-target. In terms of controls, the main challenge is to actively dodge incoming projectiles and avoid other threats in real time.

The game can be really played for free

, hence purchases are completely optional. Adamantium, the game’s main currency, can be obtained by progressing in game; it can be found during combat and is also given as rewards. The greater is the challenge and chosen difficulty, the better are the rewards.


Main character must find his way through different battlegrounds by conquering enemy’s base using tactics and allied combat machines, such as self-guided tanks and turrets, while defending his own base from enemy’s machinery. Battlegrounds will also incorporate controllable machinery such as turrets. Each instanced-like battleground will have different difficulties to choose from. The higher is the difficulty, the greater is the chance to obtain better rewards, such as new gear and in-game currency.

Survival challenge

Main character must destroy waves of enemies to advance to new battlegrounds, until defeated or time limit is reached. Each round will be more challenging. Player will gain score based on how far player has advanced. This score is shown in public and/or social leaderboards in form of ranks, if so desired.

By playing the game content

, player will gain experience and level up. Each level will give player one attribute and skill point as well as improve player's trait effects. Attribute and skill points can be used to upgrade player’s attributes and to unlock and upgrade skills, respectively.


from common to legendary gear. Equip new gear sets to unlock different set bonuses. Enhance a piece of equipped gear to improve its properties.

The game will encourage

to test different builds to find the one which fits best to player's game style.

Irradiant Core is crafted with passion

without any funding or external support by a small Indie team who literally started the project from scratch.

To be released on:
Developed by:
Contact: info@sekvensoft.com
Current Status:
Closed Alpha Stage
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